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We individualize treatment for each person; this fosters maximum progress and growth.
Our program allows for an individualized treatment process that fosters maximum progress and growth.
Our program addresses behavior in the individual along with co-occurring addictions.
Our rehabilitation program addresses criminal behavior along with co-occurring addictions.
We help individuals learn about how they can improve their decision making.
We help individuals lean how to improve their decisions which affect their behavior towards society as a whole.
The program balances and enhances recovery with continued support.
The Redemption Recovery Program balances and enhances recovery with continued support though the individual recovery endeavors.

Alternatives to Prison

Redemption Recovery ® is a private institution based in South Florida that offers unique diversion programs that serve as alternatives to prison for nonviolent offenders. Diversion programs and alternative sentencing that have proven successful around the world and elsewhere in the United States for criminal rehabilitation are offered to individuals seeking to change not just their behavior but their lives.

As prison populations have grown in the United States, diversion programs and alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders have become more and more common. Redemption Recovery offers a complete combination of treatment that consists of counseling, classes, lectures, seminars, motivational speaking engagements, community service, workshops for career advancement, community involvement workshops, educational advancement, and continued online distance counseling.

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Diversion Programs

Alternative sentencing and diversion programs have been used successfully to reduce crime in other countries and in communities large and small in the United States. Alternatives to prison such as these programs have a significant impact on the recidivism rate of nonviolent offenders. Redemption Recovery is setting a similar standard for criminal rehabilitation through its alternative sentencing programs.

The United States Department of Justice statistics show that the recidivism rate in the United States is close to 70 percent. However, these numbers fail to incorporate the number of individuals who, upon being released from prison, commit crimes again without being apprehended. We estimate that THE REAL RECIDIVISM RATE could be as high as 98 percent among criminals who served time in a prison facility.

Statistics also reveal that the longer an individual is incarcerated, the more likely it is that he or she will become a repeat offender. The alternative sentencing at Redemption Recovery is intent on helping to change this broken system. Our goal as an organization is to bring down the recidivism rate in the United States by providing comprehensive care in our diversion programs and alternatives to prison that keep nonviolent criminals out of prison.

As alternatives to prison, criminal rehabilitation programs that reduce recidivism help to lower the crime rate in communities, lower insurance premiums, lower taxes paid on costs of incarceration, and help limit property, monetary, and investment losses. Additionally, overcrowding in the prison system has forced many jurisdictions to release violent offenders before the end of their sentences. Criminal rehabilitation serves as an alternative for nonviolent offenders, which in turn provides much needed space in correctional facilities that should be used for those offenders that pose a greater threat of violent behavior to society.

It’s important that individuals that commit violent offenses - such as molestation, abuse and murder - stay incarcerated as long as possible so that citizens are protected. With a recidivism rate of almost 70% it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when a violent offender commits another violent act.

By concentrating on the rehabilitation of nonviolent offenders and providing diversion programs that help prevent them from becoming repeat offenders, Redemption Recovery offers these individuals effective alternatives to prison or an alternatives to prison Our alternative sentencing treatment model gives all willing participants the opportunity to change their lives.

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